ZR Torque Brace Kit

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If you have ever witnessed a “BIG TWIN” on the Dyno, then you can relate to this kit. Normal engine torque (power) that the 800 and 900 Twins put out, cause significant engine twist. This twisting action actually shortens up the center to center distance of your clutches. The end result is slower Mph and clutching woes. Now add some bolt-ons such as reeds, high engagement clutching, big bores etc. and your problems really get big.

A simple fix would be to secure the engine solid to the chassis. Problem is everything including the driver would vibrate apart. We at Lencco have came up with a fix to combat this massive power.

The Lencco torque brace kit mounts a billet rod to the right front of the engine. A large ISO/vibe then connects the rod to the billet chassis mount. This chassis mount attaches to the main bulk head frame, the same frame the engine is mounted to. This acts as a fifth motor mount as well as a “flex-restrictor” (Torque Brace).

With this kit onboard your motor stays put, your center to center distance does not vary, and less vibration is transmitted through the chassis.

Say goodbye to frequent blown belts, “belt dumping” and inconsistent Mph. Say hello to simplified clutching, consistent acceleration, more top end and longer belt life.

Minor drilling required. Kit includes hardware and instructions.